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Investment Process

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Apex believes the intersection of bottom-up stock selection and top-down global trend/theme identification is the key driver of alpha. The focus is on companies with strong growth characteristics, fundamentals and reasonable valuations that are beneficiaries of sustainable global secular growth trends. Confidence in our research process allows us to invest in our best ideas regardless of index or sector weightings. We aim to outperform -not mirror- an index's returns.

The following key principles have been used in our growth-oriented investment approach since inception to deliver consistent out-performance versus industry benchmarks and peer groups:

1) Early identification of long-term global trends provides a foundation for strategies.

2) Predictive growth screens for emerging, early, early-to-mid and mature growth cycles.

3) Rigorous analysis of companies fundamentals, global strategy and presence, competitive landscape, unique product niches, long product cycles, management's track record, barriers to entry, research and development budgets, operating margins and valuation.

4) Portfolio balance achieved through a combination of stable growth companies with faster growing emerging growth companies.

5) Portfolio risk adjusted by applying macro-economic cycle analysis.

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